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Sunday, July 18, 2010

25. Thoughts on Myer-Briggs

Thoughts on Myer-Briggs
Many people, who are rationally refuting religion, still seem to fall too easily for other claims, that are also doubtable.   

The Myer-Briggs is a good example.    It claims that people can be classified along four dichotomies:
Extraversion <> Introversion
Sensing <> Intuition
Thinking <> Feeling
Judgment <> Perception

Excluding the obvious fact, that extraversion and introversion are dichotomies, I consider it as more than doubtable that the rest are dichotomies at all.   

Reasoning is a process, that consists of two steps:   Supplying the mind with information and then drawing conclusions upon this.  
The information needed consists of external information, that is sensed, and of internal information about the own feelings and needs, which are felt, and the values and attitudes of the person.   Thinking is logically processing all this information.   The result is a judgement.  

Therefore the capacity to sense all needed external information, the awareness of all own emotions and needs, and the ability of logical thinking are independent.  If measured as traits, they should be measured as three independent scales.    Judgement is also an independent scale, it should be a measurement, how strong someone is guided by values and ethics.

Intuition can be considered as reasoning going on in the subconscious.    If perception is understood as conscious awareness of all ingredients of the process of arriving at a judgement, then perception could be seen as the other part of a dichotomy of intuition vs. perception.


Update 15. 9. 10

I have been criticizing the general concept of the MBTI.   After writing it,Ifound this much more detailed and thorough skeptical evaluation: