I am a woman born 1949 and my quest is to find a mindmate
to grow old together as a mutually devoted couple
in a relationship based upon the
egalitarian rational commitment paradigm
bonded by intrinsic commitment
as each other's safe haven and secure basis.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

31. Soulmate or Mindmate

Soulmate or Mindmate

Someone made a remark about me using the word mindmate instead of soulmate.   

The mind in my understanding is the working brain with all chemical and electrical functions, as a part of my body, as the seat of my specific personality.   A mindmate is someone with a similar mind.  

A soul is an entity forming the part of the deity delusion, or its existence could be an independent delusion.    It is by definition something, that is trapped inside the body as in a container, and can leave the body and exist without it.  

So far, nobody has ever seen, heard, felt, smelt or in anyway perceived the existence of a soul without a body, neither directly or with any kind of technical appliance.    The independent, immortal soul is just like the deity, there is neither proof nor disproof.    James Randi would certainly give his 1 million $ prize, if anybody could give evidence of a soul outside a body. 

I live on the principle, that if there is a claim, and Randi offers his prize for the evidence, I am safe to live as if the claim were proven as false, as long as Randi has not given out the money.

Therefore, I have no soul residing in some cavity of my skull, and logically, a missing soul cannot search for a mate.  

But the soul sounds anyhow like a weird thing.    It cannot be perceived by any method available.  So what size or volume does it have?    If it has none, how could it store information, as is believed in some reincarnation theories like in Hinduism, where the next life's quality depends on the previous life's achievements?   If it has none, how could it have perception for the heat of hell? 
If souls are recycled by reincarnation, and there are currently more humans born then dying, is there somewhere a soul production machine?    Is that machine also inperceivable?  
If souls are unique, like in the Christian religion, where are all the souls stored of all those people, who have ever lived?   Are all those heavens, hells and paradises not getting overcrowded with time, when there will be coming more and more?
If the soul is new with every new person, then when is it made?  Does it just plop into existence or does it come from the soul production machine?  At birth or at conception?   If at conception, does then the in-vitro-fertilization create a soul?   When the fertilized egg instead of getting implanted in the womb, would be eaten by a mouse, when does the soul leave?    After it has been in the mouse's stomach?
Who had the first soul?    When was the missing link between apes and monkey fit to carry a soul?   Are there maybe first class souls for humans and second class souls for bonobos and pitecanthropos?   

These are quite absurd questions.    They are as absurd as the idea, that a soul can leave the body.    In spite of the obvious absurdity, I am convinced that there are believers of different religions, who would claim to have serious answers to some of those questions.