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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

67. Hypoanimality

67.   Hypoanimality

In the discussion on the dating-site (entry 66), I was accused to have started it as publicity for the childfree movement, which until then I did not perceive as a movement, but as people supporting each other in the expression of a trait of a minority.   
So far, I have been or am still in forums and mailing lists of several such movements, childfree, atheists, left-wing, feminists.  

For a while I even had a profile on an asexual forum, because I hoped to find there a partner, who is not driven by instinct to copulate with any haphazard female body like a dog.   But I got aware, that asexuality is not, what is required for a man to value a woman's mind and brain so much, that for him physical intimacy is exclusively a part of bonding, when it is inseparable from intellectual and emotional intimacy.  
All these groups, tendencies and movements are independent of each other, as if they have nothing in common.    But to me, they do.   I have read about some scientific evidence, that intelligence and atheism are correlated, and that less intelligent people have more children.  

I am using the prefixes hypo and hyper as meaning considerable lower or higher than the average.    I was wondering in entry 59 about a label.    After some thinking, I have found it:


Luckily enough, this word seems not to have been used yet for anything else.  According to google, that word did not exist until the moment, when I typed it.   So I am free to define its meaning.

I have already outlined in entry 22, what I consider as truly human, and when I discovered being backed up in this by a quote, I wrote entry 58.  
But it is not a dichotomy, that someone it either human or an animal.   There is a gradual scale between hypoanimality and animality.   There is no hyperanimality though, because nobody can be more an animal than an animal.    But the more someone is hypoanimal, the more I consider that person as truly human.    But since the word human has so many different meanings, I prefer to call my special meaning hypoanimality when putting emphasis on the distinction from animals.  
Of course there is no question of being not at all an animal.  There are basic survival instincts, that nobody can overcome, as far as I know.   I have never heard of anybody being able to decide to just stop breathing by will power.  
As I also have explained before, the amount of animality is the difference between instinctivity and rationality.   This would much better be called cerebrality, but unfortunately a group of people with genius level intelligence has hijacked the word cerebral.
I just did not call the difference animality until now.  
I assume that the magnitude of instinctivity and rationality are both independently hardwired into the brain.   I assume this, because people can be irresistibly overwhelmed by the force of an urge to do something, while they rationally know at the same time, that they will regret it later.  

Basically, hypoanimality can be
- hypoinstinctivity overruled by rationality
- instinctivity overruled by hyperrationality.   
As an example, childfree people can be non-breeders for two reasons:  
- They can just not feel any urge to breed, and need no special reasons not to do, what they do not want to do.  I call them the urgeless non-breeders.
- They can be aware of an instinctive urge to breed, but are rationally aware that there are good reasons not to put children into this world, or they are aware that if they get themselves forced into parenting 24 hours a day for many years to come, they would not want this.   Or they can have both reasons combined.  I call them the conscious non-breeders.  

In both varieties, hypoanimality means, that rationality, intelligence, cerebrality are not tools serving procreation, but are tools for the enhancement of the subjective wellbeing of an individual.  

Hypoanimality can be noticed in every sector of human life, where animal instinct can interfere with rational human behavior:

1. The procreation instinct
Hypoanimality here of course means not breeding.   But indirectly, atheism is also an expression of hypoanimality.   This seems paradox, since animals have no awareness to even think about religion.   But since the instinct to procreate seems so absurd to any person with the identity of being an individual, the urge to procreate needs an indirect representation modifying the identity as not being an individual, but only a small part of something superior.  
In reality, the something superior is just the eternal survival of the genes, but it has found its way into the brain as the submission to some higher power, be it called nature, god, or a never dying soul.   Therefore the rationality of the species homo sapiens has to be partially deactivated or limited to allow the procreation instinct to rule the overall behavior as a procreating animal. 
Hypoanimality also means reserving physical intimacy to the bonding as a couple, instead of copulating haphazardly for the purpose of procreation, even when consciously not planning to do so.

2. The competition and hierarchy instinct
Any concept of equality between all people and between the genders are an expression of hypoanimality, because the survival of the species requires advantages for the fittest, who ruthlessly usurp those advantages by fighting with and dominating over the less fit.   

3. The ingroup-outgroup instinct
Any refusal to treat ingroup members better than outgroup members is an expression of hypoanimality.   As an example, this can be any person, who objects to become a soldier, because killing outgroup members is not more acceptable than killing the neighbour.   Hypoanimal are all political groups, who protest against the economical exploitation of poor countries.

4. Obsolete survival instincts
Hypoanimality also means self-control over instincts, that had been beneficial for survival in the past in a radically different environment, but are rationally obsolete, like overeating.   Such self-control in a more general way helps not to get addicted easily.

I wished, there were a hypoanimality movement or group.   It is there, where I would have a better chance to find a mindmate.