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Thursday, December 16, 2010

185. Commitment Governance

Commitment Governance

Sometimes I attempt to put my thoughts into words, but later on I come across better ways to express, what I had meant to say.

I just read about the expression Enterprise Governance in economics, and how it consists mainly of Corporate Governance and Business Governance and is supported by IT-governance.

The same principles are also required in the enterprise of living as a happy and devoted couple.
When I described the engagement pact in entry 176, I really meant by this, that a couple agrees on the Commitment Governance for their future relationship.   

What in economics is the Corporate Governance, for the couple it is their Affinity Governance of sharing values, attitudes, ethical principles, opinions, goals and such.   
What in economy is the Business Governance, for the couple it is their Lifestyle Governance of an agreement about how to organize their joint life practically and financially.  
What in economy is the IT-Governance, for the couple it is the Communication Governance of constructive communication solving conflicts rationally by convincing and evidence.

What kind of a Commitment Governance someone can agree upon, is an expression of his personality, therefore only compatible people can find consent to the same Commitment Governance.   Two persons, who do not agree on a shared Commitment Governance, should not get involved.    Relationships are doomed to fail, if there is no consent to a shared Commitment Governance.

This blog is an elaborate explanation of the Commitment Governance, that is an expression of my personality.   My mindmate already shares it, before he starts reading the blog, he just discovers, that we share it, because sharing the same Commitment Governance is a part of what defines, that we are mindmates.    Nobody can decide to adopt my Commitment Governance, if it is inconsistent with his personality.   Nobody, who would attempt to adopt my Commitment Governance in contradiction to his own personality, is my mindmate.