I am a woman born 1949 and my quest is to find a mindmate
to grow old together as a mutually devoted couple
in a relationship based upon the
egalitarian rational commitment paradigm
bonded by intrinsic commitment
as each other's safe haven and secure basis.

The purpose of this blog is to enable the right man
to recognize us as reciprocal mindmates and
to encourage him to contact me:

The entries directly concerning,
who could be my mindmate,
are mainly at the beginning.
If this is your predominant interest,
I suggest to read this blog in the same order
as it was written, following the numbers.

I am German, therefore my English is sometimes faulty.

Maybe you have stumbled upon this blog not as a potential match.
Please wait a short moment before zapping.

Do you know anybody, who could be my mindmate?
Your neighbour, brother, uncle, cousin, colleague, friend?
If so, please tell him to look at this blog.
While you have no reason to do this for me,
a stranger, maybe you can make someone happy, for whom you care.

Do you have your own webpage or blog,
which someone like my mindmate to be found probably reads?
If so, please mention my quest and add a link to this blog.

Friday, December 3, 2010

172. Reactions to This Blog

Reactions to This Blog

This is my personal blog for the purpose to find a mindmate.   I have no mission on this earth to convince anybody of anything.  I am neither a guru nor a relationship advice auntie.   I do not even expect anybody, who reads one entry and disagrees with my goals, ideas, opinions and attitudes, to continue reading.   
I want to find a mindmate, whose brain is wired like mine, so that he agrees spontaneously with me.  That is, why he would be a mindmate. 
And if on the way I would make like minded women friends, that were just an extra benefit.  

I do enjoy positive feedback and I appreciate questions, because they give me inspirations to write more entries.    If I have already answered them on the blog, I can just give reference to which entry to read.  

But if somebody wants a serious discussion of my thoughts, if someone finds reasons to criticize me, then I expect, that he first reads and checks the entire blog.   
I just got a long message on a dating-site from someone, who is making a strong point attempting to convince me, that humans are driven by instincts to mate.   The gist of it was criticizing me for allegedly denying this.    Obviously, he had only read a tiny part of what I have written and got it all wrong.   He wasted a lot of time criticizing me for something, while I already agreed with him.   
There is only one difference between his opinion and mine:   He seems to be convinced, that all humans are determined by their instincts.    I am convinced, that this is true only for the vast majority, while there are some precious exceptions out there, who are in my definition hypoanimalistic individuals and Epicureans, and this blog aims at finding one of them.

Therefore, I do not expect anybody, who disagrees with one entry of this blog, to waste his time to read more.   But if somebody disagrees and wants to tell me this, then I suggest, that he reads all of the blog first.