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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

89. The Lottery Question

The Lottery Question

On some dating-sites, one of the questions asked is about what one would do with the money after winning the lottery.

Here is my answer:   I would fund a research project to develop a spray, that is an antidote to men's secretly used pheromones and an antipheromone, that would deactivate a man's instincts the same way as pheromones are activating instincts.   

When I was younger, I would have paid more for such a substance than for gold.    So many times I got into contact with a man, no matter in a shop, at a job, travelling, when all I wanted was to be taken for serious and be treated with respect as a person.    Instead just the presence of my body triggered those male animals into the wish to get me into bed, into flirtation and sometimes attempts at seduction.    At 61, it has got better.   I was average looking and not a beauty, and this did not happen to me any more than to other young women.   But while some of them feel flattered, I felt my dignity trodden upon.   

There is a lot, that a decent and self-respecting woman can do with such a spray.   
It can help her to be treated as well as any man, when dealing with salesmen, agents, banks business contacts or customers.  
It could enable a woman to accept to talk to a stranger during vacation in a Mediterranean country and just have an interesting conversation about the country, its culture and its customs.
It can help a woman to find a decent and compatible mate.   She just uses it while dating someone, whom she does not know very well.   They can have a serious relaxed communication while deciding, if they are really compatible for a future together, without being driven by instincts to wrong rush involvements.
It can help an employee to keep her married boss at bay and make her working situation so much less stressful.  

These are just a few examples, where a woman could enhance her quality of life by temporarily converting compulsive studs into pleasantly hypoinstinctive humans able to act and think rationally.