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Friday, September 17, 2010

77. Identity and External Influences

Identity and External Influences

My objective of this blog is to find my mindmate, somebody at the same end of the scale of hard-wired identity.   That scale has at one extreme the hypoanimalistic non-breeders with an individual identity, and at the other extreme the animalistic breeders with the particle identity.   This of course is a deliberate simplification meant to point out, who I am and who can be my mindmate.

The scale from hard-wired individual identity at one end and particle identity at the other end would probably be a bell curve.   The hard-wired identity is more or less modified by upbringing, culture, circumstances, restrictions or liberty to act, reward or punishment, pressure, manipulations and a lot more.   
Those influences are roughly the same for everybody, but they are less powerful in comparison with the strongest hard-wired identity of people at both ends, while the influence for modification is strongest in the middle of the scale.   There the subjective identity and the breeding behaviour are drastically modified and altered by external influences.    

Just as there are those pseudo-non-breeders already mentioned, there are also many people, who have been lured, manipulated, brainwashed into breeding, even though this is in discord with their hard-wired identity.   Only when it is too late do they realize, that they did not really have an inclination to breed, but then they raise the children, because they feel responsible for the consequences of their mistakes.
Many people are very gullible, and they never get aware of their genuine inclinations.   They breed, because it is expected from them.  They mistake themselves as christians, because everybody around does it too.   They compete, because they imitate the majority.   They exploit other countries, because everybody else justifies the racism of the ingroup-outgroup difference.   
The external influences are strong, so these people act in contradiction to their own true inclinations but consciously they do not know it.   Yet their true inclinations are still there and make them feel unhappy and uncomfortable.   Hard-wired non-breeders raising children, hard-wired rational skeptics in a struggle to be conform and believe obvious non-sense, people, who want to cooperate in harmony but are coerced to compete against their wish, they all suffer and are prone to become sick, depressed or worse.    Maybe the discrepancy between the hard-wired and the acquired identities contribute to the causes of mental illness and psychiatric troubles.

In any society, where animality is the norm, the pressure to be more animalistic than their brains are hard-wired for, is a serious hazard for all people with hypoanimality.   But there are cultural differences.  
The cultures of some, mostly western countries are more individualistic than those of other, more particlistic* traditional countries.    Maybe in more individualistic countries, it is easier for individualistic non-breeders to be in sync with the hard-wiring of their brains and be conscious in their choice to refuse breeding.    Maybe the people with the particle-identity in  a country with a particlistic culture are more in sync and therefore more people are induced to breed and add to the overpopulation of the globe.   

* I did not create the word 'particlistic', I found one occurrence in Google.    But maybe somebody can suggest a better word for feeling as a particle of something bigger?    Is there also maybe a better word instead of particle-identity?