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Monday, March 25, 2013

646. Science: The Harm Of Procreation To Women - 2

646.   Science:  The Harm Of Procreation To Women - 2

In entry 557 I quoted a study about childbirth as a cause of PTSD.    Another study indicates postpartum depression as another consequence of the sad reality, that the survival of the human species depends upon the biological abuse of women's bodies.
"A surprisingly high number of women have postpartum depressive symptoms, according to a new, large-scale study by a Northwestern Medicine® researcher."

"The study, which included a depression screening of 10,000 women who had recently delivered infants at single obstetrical hospital, revealed a large percentage of women who suffered recurrent episodes of major depression."

"In the study, 14 percent of the women screened positive for depression. Of that group, 826 received full psychiatric assessments during at-home visits. Some of the key findings from those assessments:"

"Suicide accounts for about 20 percent of postpartum deaths and is the second most common cause of mortality in postpartum women."

Whenever people are driven by instinctive urges to actions with long-term detrimental consequences, they are doomed to suffer later.    Cognitive control and/or the ability to anticipate long-term consequences would help to avoid and to prevent mistakes, but strong instinctive urges override and deactivate such rational protection.
Women following their instinctive urges to breed are one example.   Their rational long-term planning for the best way of life is often temporarily blurred.   Once they have the child and get aware, what harm they have done to themselves, it is too late.   They have irreversibly burdened themselves with the obligation to raise the children.  

They have such good reasons to be depressed, that I cannot agree to consider even the severest depression as an illness, but as a very healthy and logical reaction to the doom and plight of being burdened with children.