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Thursday, December 6, 2012

625. The Effect Of Color On Male Instincts

625.   The Effect Of Color On Male Instincts
Entry 624 was about the importunate reaction of men to the color red upon women, as was shown in a study.   
" the guys tended to grade the woman's disposition to sex about 1 to 1.5 points higher when she was wearing a red rather than a white tee," "
Scientific evidence appearing to explain my own frustration does not impede me from skeptical reactions to such studies.      Reading this article made me wonder about something.   

They only compared the reaction to a red t-shirt with that to a white one.  This does not automatically imply, that red makes men worse predators than what is their baseline, as long as no other colors are also included in the study.  
The result of the study could just as well be caused by the opposite, inhibiting effect of the color white.   White could be associated with innocence, cleanliness, professional attire, coldness of snow, some religious ceremonies, grief in some cultures and other circumstances, where women are not usually available as prey.