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Saturday, March 28, 2015

731. Could Alley Dogs Be Lured To Use Oxytocin?

731.   Could Alley Dogs Be Lured To Use Oxytocin?

I am a realist.  I have no hope that those men, who are inclined to copulate like alley dogs, would ever be sufficiently motivated to fight against this devastating urge by nothing other than consideration for their wives' or partners' emotional needs.    Such men perceive monogamous attachment not as a precondition for happiness, but as a rejected restriction on behaving as ruthless animals.  

But maybe there is a trick towards improving such men:   As is known, alcohol brings out the worst in men, including lowering the threshold towards cheating.   But after drinking too much, men also risk consequences for themselves like getting caught and heavily punished when driving.     Even those men not bothered in the least by the risk of cheating may well be inclined to do anything to avoid the unwanted consequences of noticeable drunk behavior.
As an attempt to fight the signs of alcohol intoxication, men may even be sufficiently desperate to resort to taking oxytocin.

"Oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the 'love' or 'cuddle' hormone, has a legendary status in popular culture due to its vital role in social and sexual behaviour and long-term bonding."

"Now researchers from the University of Sydney and the University of Regensburg have discovered it also has a remarkable influence on the intoxicating effect of alcohol,"

"When the researchers infused oxytocin into the brains of rats which were then given alcohol it prevented the drunken lack of coordination caused by the alcohol."

"The researchers demonstrated that oxytocin prevents alcohol from accessing specific sites in the brain that cause alcohol's intoxicating effects, sites known as delta-subunit GABA-A receptors."

"This 'sobering-up' effect of oxytocin has yet to be shown in humans but the researchers plan to conduct these studies in the near future."

"It's worth noting that oxytocin can't save you from being arrested while driving home from the pub."

"Some people might worry a drug which decreases your level of intoxication could encourage you to drink more. As it turns out, separate experiments conducted by the researchers and other groups have shown that taking oxytocin actually reduces alcohol consumption and craving in both rats and humans."

"Their findings could see the development of new oxytocin-based treatments for alcohol-use disorders that target this mechanism."
It is highly improbable that ever any promiscuous man would take oxytocin for nothing else except for the explicit purpose of enhancing his underdeveloped emotional attachment to his partner.  
Yet taking it to reduce the noticeable effects of alcohol may have an unplanned side effect to the advantage of women:  When coming home while still under the effect of oxytocin, a man's emotional attachment to his partner may be enhanced and even his inclination to cheat may be reduced.  

This could result as the first time in history, that a man's consumption of alcohol would be beneficial for women.