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Sunday, December 4, 2011

457. Desensitization To Violence

Desensitization To Violence

Here is some evidence for the desensitization of male brains to violence.   
"Sustained changes in the region of the brain associated with cognitive function and emotional control were found in young adult men after one week of playing violent video games"

"For the first time, we have found that a sample of randomly assigned young adults showed less activation in certain frontal brain regions following a week of playing violent video games at home," said Yang Wang, ....."The affected brain regions are important for controlling emotion and aggressive behavior."

""These findings indicate that violent video game play has a long-term effect on brain functioning," Dr. Wang said. "These effects may translate into behavioral changes over longer periods of game play.""

The evidence for desensitization to violence can be taken as an indication, that the harm done to monogamous women by promiscuous men is most probably caused by the desensitization of male brains as a consequence of the ubiquitous oversexation of the media, of everyday life and of the easy availability of pornography.  

Unfortunately, violence is recognized by men as a problem, because the victims are often men, so men are themselves at  risk.    The desensitization to promiscuity is not equally recognized as a problem, because men profit, and only women are the suffering victims.