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Saturday, December 10, 2011

460. Religion And Male Dominance

Religion And Male Dominance
In entry 448 I listed some subtle long term detrimental effects upon non-religious people, which are caused by the social norms derived from christianity.  

I omitted one specific indirect religious justification of male dominance.   According to the creation myth in the bible, the god created first Adam and then Eve.    For christians, their god is allegedly almighty.  Therefore a christian believes humans as a perfect creation.   Neither their phenotypes nor their behavioral predispositions are to be criticized.   
Average men are physically stronger than average women.   Most men are physically able to force their will upon women, they can enslave them, beat them, rape them, make them pregnant.   They can gain control over women directly by forcing them into polygamous harems or indirectly by usurping control over the resources for survival.    Most women are physically unable to defend themselves against male dominance.   Men can establish control by beating women, and they can maintain it by the threat of beating them.     
Biologically, men have the choice to dominate or to refrain.   Women have no such choice but depend on the men's choice.     Even in our modern times, the law can punish men severely for atrocities to women.   This does not take away men's choice to decide to harm or spare a woman, when she is unprotectedly available to be harmed.  

Seen from my point of view of being an apistic female, the physical ability to do so is no justification at all to actually do dominate women.  Domination is abomination, it is an outrage.  
But christians do not see it as an outrage.   They are brainwashed to believe, that the physical aptitude of men to dominate women is an expression of their god's will.   They believe that their god made men strong for the purpose of dominating women.   Christian men feel allowed and commanded by the bible to dominate women in defiance or oblivion of the women's suffering.   Christian women are brainwashed to believe, that suffering from male dominance is their god's will and that they will get rewarded in the afterlife for submission and docility.

The entitlement to dominate and the alleged superiority of any person for no other reason than their being male is a false belief without any rational basis.   This belief is as false as the belief in the god, who is considered responsible for the alleged male superiority.  
Therefore any atheist should rationally also give up the false belief of male superiority.   Unfortunately, this often is not the case.   When male christians become atheists, they gladly get rid of any behavioral restrictions, which they had felt from religion.   But they cling on to all the privileges, that christianity had brainwashed them to have been born to, including the false belief to be entitled to dominate women.    

Even when atheistic men give up any cruelty to install domination, this does not mean, that they have really given up their deeply rooted belief of being entitled to dominate.    Even when men do not coerce women under their domination, they still feel attracted to women, who are still under the effects of the christian brainwashing and allow male dominance without coercion.      
Therefore unfortunately too many atheistic men prefer tolerance to christian women as the price to pay for undisputed dominance instead of accepting an atheistic women, who offers intellectual intimacy based upon equality but rejects to be dominated.