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Thursday, February 2, 2012

490. Can There Be Involuntary Twilight Learning?

Can There Be Involuntary Twilight Learning?
"The concept of the subliminal message is now familiar. A subconscious suggestion can help a person bring about positive change, such as smoking cessation, or otherwise influence one's actions.

Twilight Learning is a process that uses EEG neurofeedback to cultivate a hypersuggestible brain state in a subject. Auditory "change messages" are then given to the individual, allowing "enhanced learning" to take place.

An EEG range of 4-7 Hertz was found to indicate the theta, hypersuggestible brain state. Subjects could then be presented with therapeutic messages designed to make changes in maladaptive habits, addictions, and poor self-image."

In this study, the hypersuggestible state of the brain was induced.   But I am wondering, how often such states get created involuntarily and unnoticed, people being exposed to suggestive detrimental influences.  

One example are the countless times, that people fall asleep with the tv running.    The ubiquitous presence of sex and violence in the media desensitizes people to the damage done by promiscuity and brutality.    The conscious exposition to what is presented on the media is already a hazard to sensitivity.   
But I am wondering, if people exposed to the running TV while sleeping are even more suspectible than when awake.       They are subconsciously exposed to stimuli, that are not a conscious choice.   At least here in Germany the public TV restricts some of the worst emissions to be shown only late at night.   While people sleep, they are exposed to the kind of emission, they would feel repugnance to watch, while they are awake.