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Saturday, February 4, 2012

492. Mr. Mighty's Blunder

In many societies and cultures, there are fables, tales, sagas and myths about the creation of humans by deities.    So today I am writing my own creation fable.

Mr. Mighty's Blunder

Mr. Mighty is a very powerful entity.   He likes to create things.   Unfortunately, he is not very clever.  He learns by trial and error, often making a few blunders on the way.   And he is slightly immature.    

One day he created an earth.   He started to populate it with humans of the variety female.   They lived peacefully and in harmonious cooperation.    Mr. Mighty observed them for a while and got bored.    He wanted more thrill.

So he added a bunch of men.   They were those, who look at the females, notice their lack of physical strength and by a fallacy of thinking they infer, that women were as intellectually weak as they are physically.   
These men ascribe the role of servants in the kitchen to women, because they perceive women as not enough of a challenge to compete with, to win over and to enjoy the victory.  
They band together with their male companions to indulge in their own preferred occupations of discovering, conquering and controlling the world.  They have invented the tools and toys for adventurous thrills, like ships, football, racing, wars, alcohol and a lot more.   Women are insignificant for them.
Mr. Mighty first bunch were asexual men.  He had omitted to add any libido to the dough.   He observed the hustle and bustle on his earth for a while, then again he got bored. 
He wanted more thrill, so he created a second bunch of men.   This time he felt sure of making a good job of it by adding a huge dose of libido to the dough.   But he overdid it, it was way too much.  

By this blunder, Mr. Mighty created the promiscuous jerks.  

After been let loose, the jerks went all over the earth as dangerous predators in search of prey.   Whenever they get near a female, they start to drool over her body.  This drooling deactivates their brain and blurs their reasoning capacities.    They are bonding-disabled.  Instead of perceiving women as equal humans, they perceive them as nothing more than commodities, objects and utilities. 
They have the delusion, the Mr. Mighty had created the women only for the purpose of being used by men.  They feel entitled to use women's bodies by hook or by crook.   Drooling alone serves as enough justification to gain control over women's bodies, no matter if by lies, manipulations, pretence, tricks, threat, coercion, rape, money.  
Their promiscuity makes them emotional psychopaths, lacking any awareness or conscience for the consequences of their behavior upon the victims.    The same jerks often have nevertheless the delusion of being men of high morals, because of responsibility and consideration in their interaction with valued male companions.
During the latency time between just having used a body and before redrooling, they are not any better than the asexual men, they too prefer the company of other males to compete and to control the world.  

In short, Mr. Mighty's second bunch was only a nuisance for the women, without being in the slightest way better than the asexuals.   Suffering severely from the insult of being used, disrespected and depreciated, the women went to Mr. Mighty and complained about his blunder.  When he got tired of the women's insistent and repeated complaints, he finally complied and made a third bunch of men. 

This time Mr. Mighty succeeded.  He created his master piece, the demisexual men.   They are, what women want and need, innately monogamous companions.   Demisexual men get automatically emotionally bonded by getting physically involved.  Demisexual men never use a woman but enjoy to be together with a person.  Demisexual men have the intelligence and awareness to recognize and appreciate women as equal partners with a brain and a personality.  

This time, Mr. Mighty achieved the perfect mixture.   He used just enough libido to make the company of women a bit more attractive and enjoyable than that of other men.   But he dosed it carefully, so that the demisexual men are spared the indignity of drooling over bodies.   Their mind remains clear to the fact, that a bonded couple with the mental ability of experiencing intellectual intimacy spends much more waking time together out of bed than in bed.   This perfect dose of limited libido is just enough to make a man being attracted to have a woman as a significant other in his life, but he is able to make a wise choice of a matching personality.  

Unfortunately, Mr. Mighty overestimates himself and his skills.   For his first attempt, he was careful and used only a small amount of the dough, so there are not many of the asexual men.   But then he made the mistake of using nearly all of his remaining dough for his second attempt.   Therefore the promiscuous jerks are not only the worst blunder, but also the majority of men.   When Mr. Mighty finally created his master piece of the innately monogamous demisexuals, there was not much dough left.  

The demisexuals are not only the master piece, they are also as rare as they are precious.

But Mr. Mighty also lacks the maturity to correct his blunders.   He created his master piece only to appease the women, when he felt too annoyed by their complaints.   Being male himself, he has no empathy leading to the insight, that the promiscuous jerks needed to be removed and replaced by demisexual innately monogamous men.   Making more dough using the perfect recipe would have been an easy task.    

But Mr. Mighty does not care about the wellbeing of the women, only about the entertainment of the spectacle.    By removing the jerks and eliminating promiscuity, the world would have returned to a state of peace, harmony, cooperation and happiness.   But then he would have been bored again, while he prefers thrill and entertainment.    The limited supply of only a few specimen of his master piece enabled Mr. Mighty to lean back and amuse himself observing the struggle of the women to find the few monogamous men. 


I have many reasons to be an atheist.   But the fact of the ubiquitous women's suffering as victim's of ruthless promiscuity is already enough reason for a woman to refuse to believe in the wisdom and benevolence of a creator.   Promiscuous jerks just cannot be the product of any entity, that deserves the definition as a god.