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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

518. Women May Be Getting Wiser By An Ongoing Evolution Of Their Cognition

518.   Women May Be Getting Wiser By An Ongoing Evolution Of Their Cognition

The following are speculations in continuation to entry 487 (Wide-Faced Or Narrow-Faced Men), where I quoted two sources:

According to these sources, some studies allow the cautious conclusion, that narrow faced may be less of a risk to a woman's wish to be treated well, while wide faced men may be more of a hazard.  

The first of the two sources also mentions one plausible objection to this conclusion:
"A major objection to the idea that facial fea­tures could predict bad be­ha­vior, they said, has been that men with such fea­tures would swiftly drop out of the gene pool. Pre­sum­ably, no one would trust them so they would have trouble mat­ing. "

Today I found another source, which is highly interesting in this context.  It could indicate, that such men's traits and women's susceptibility to become the victims are indeed dwindling away from the gene pool: 

"In a trend that can be iden­ti­fied go­ing back to the mid-1800s, U.S. skulls have got­ten big­ger, taller and nar­rower as seen from the front,"

"Over 1,500 skulls were in­clud­ed in the re­search"

"The av­er­age height from the base to the top of the skull in males has in­creased by 8 mil­lime­ters (0.3 inch­es), the Jantzes found; skull size has grown by 200 cu­bic mil­lime­ters, a space equiv­a­lent to a cou­ple of small peas. In fe­males, the cor­res­pond­ing increases are 7 mil­lime­ters and 180 cu­bic mil­lime­ters."
The authors are considering different possible reasons for this change without preferring one thereof.
I am wondering and speculating, if the reason could not be a real impact upon the gene pool of both genders, because of the combination of two factors upon women's procreative behavior:   
  • Women's growing cognitive awareness and intelligence, enhanced by better education, enables them to make wiser choices. 
  • The availability of appropriate methods enables them to successfully live in accordance with these choices.

1.  Wise choices.  
Women, who are less prone to blindly follow instinctive urges, but who are instead more careful in their rational and cognitive choice of a man, tend to prefer the caring and decent men over the physically powerful and ruthless studs.   If the most agreeable and least hazardous men happen to be predominantly narrow faced, then the measured changes of the skull proportions over the relatively short period of less than two centuries could indicate evolution by sexual selection.   It would be the evolution of a more cognitive and less instinctive control of the mating behavior.  
Under the presumption, that narrow faced men really are more agreeable and less detrimental to the emotional wellbeing of women, while the wide faced men are greedy and selfish by usurping resources as the better providers for their offspring, the shift in women's choice is a cognitive shift.    
It is their shift towards more awareness for being an individual person entitled to correct treatment, therefore refusing to be exposed to bad treatment.   
It is a shift away from the acceptance of and submission to being only a womb and to making sacrifices in the favor of procreation, as is the goal of the instincts.  

2.  Availability of methods.
As long as inconsiderate jerks were able to manipulate and coerce women to have offspring against their wish, they contributed more to the gene pool than did the more considerate men.      
The modern medical possibilities are allowing women the option to only have wanted children and only with the partner of their choice.   This has certainly an impact upon the gene pool.     It not only explains a shift in the gene pool of male traits, it also explains the shift in the inherited female trait of the mate preferences.    
A woman with the power to decide, with whom she has how many children, is only prone to have as many children as she wishes, when she is satisfied with how she is treated by her wisely chosen mate.   Unhappy women, whose instincts have caused their wrong choice of a jerk, are prone to restrict the number of children.    Therefore by having more children the women with the genetic predisposition to choose the caring and decent men contribute more daughters with this predisposition to the gene pool.