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Saturday, September 1, 2012

582. Attitudes, Drives And Instincts

582.  Attitudes, Drives And Instincts

I have suggested before to consider the subjective identity of people as determined by a positive attitude towards individual traits, which are conscious representations of people's strongest instinctive urges.  These urges are experienced subconsciously and people are usually ignorant of any connection with their conscious attitudes.   This synchronization of the attitudes with the urges serves as a method to avoid cognitive dissonance. 
So far, I had only focused upon procreation, sexuality, hierarchy and ingroup-outgroup as being those basic instincts shared with animals and having an impact upon others.  

The following table adds a new aspect and wider scope. 


It connects conscious human traits with biological drives, but in a different way than I did.  This list focuses upon one individual's drives and traits independent of considering triggering targets.   It contains human innate predispositions, which are the result of the phase of the evolution, when the adaptation included the unique human cognition.

Human Trait Biological Drive Physiological Controls Short-term Aim [..]* Absence
Appetite Hunger Serotonin Sustenance Anorexia
Fear Anxiety Adrenaline Avoiding threats Recklessness
Greed Reward/Risk Dopamine Resource accumulation Over-generosity
Lust Sex Testosterone/

Mating Loss of libido
Love Attraction Dopamine/

Reproduction Promiscuity

Bonding Attachment Oxytocin/
Parenting Polyamory
Morality Empathy Mirror neurons Social cohesion Selfishness
Purpose Telos Serotonin 2A Prediction Nihilism

* Column Long-term Aim snipped for containing 'survival' in every row.