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Thursday, August 11, 2011

371. Interconnectedness and Breeding

371.   Interconnectedness and Breeding

The following are speculations again.  I prefer to back up my own ideas with evidence from sources of others thinking along similar lines.   But the Internet is getting flooded with the utterings of believers, with weird claims, and it gets more and more difficult to find serious, scientific, skeptical information, even by extensive googling.   

When reading about transliminality, I came across the expression interconnectedness.  But I could not find any serious approach to the question, how or why natural selection and evolution had favored the feeling or perception of interconnectedness.  Millions of woo-woo texts are praising the importance of feeling interconnected, the same sources also make claims of the beliefs correlated on the transliminality scale (entry 367). 

In entries 370, 368 and some others I have already speculated, that irrational behavior can be caused either by gullibility due to the lack of the faculty for consequencity or because a gullible belief fulfills a strong need overriding rationality.   Getting aware of transliminality having been shown in the EEG, I now include in the concept of gullibility also the belief in distorted own perceptions in addition to the belief in others' claims, which also can reinforce irrational interpretations of distorted perceptions.   For example, the vague weird feeling of a presence in the room can become the belief in ghosts, when others express this claim.

As far as I understand the woo-woo claims, interconnectedness is some feeling, perception or sensation of being in some vague, elusive and unspecified way connected with something higher and greater than the own individual self.     It is the raw material to be molded and blended with a wide variety of claims into a belief or belief system, depending on the needs of what to believe and on the social environment.

In entry 74 I defined people of high animality as those, driven predominantly by their instincts and less by rationality, as having the particle identity of perceiving themselves as being part of something superior above themselves.   Their behavior is determined in submission to the alleged role of what specific particle they belief to be.   When I wrote this, it was mainly a construct to explain the puzzle, why people choose to breed.    Interconnectedness now adds the force of an emotion compelling them to identify and act as particles.  
Feeling interconnectedness is therefore a behavior premise coming from the subconscious, if it is innate in the brain determining particle identity, and if transliminality enables this feeling to enter the consciousness.  

Feeling interconnected has had some function in evolution and the following is my speculations, what this could be:

Some animals like lions, chimpanzees and wolves live in groups and prehistoric humans did too.    It had a survival advantage, but when there is food and security in abundance, they continue to stay together as a group.   Obviously, there is not only an instinct to breed, and to form hierarchies and for ingroup-outgroup differences, but beyond the direct purpose of mating there is also a general instinct to be close to and to interact with other members of the own group or species.

A person determined by predominant rationality and consequencity is fully aware, that there is just one limited lifetime to make the best of it without exploiting others, while sacrificing a lot of that time in unpleasant labor for nothing better than the survival of the own genes is absurd.    Only when rationality is lacking or when gullibility and the particle identity as felt by interconnectedness deactivate rationality, people are compelled by instinct to breed.  

Gullibility and feeling interconnected instigate people to breed by two mechanism:
1.  Breeders as particles feel interconnected with some elusive and unspecified higher power, which is in reality the eternal chain of their genes.  By breeding they feel as if prolonging their own existence, but as genes and not as individuals.    Interconnectedness means to feel as one link in the eternal chain of their genes and feeling connected with this chain.    
But this chain is not linear, it is a mesh, because in one direction, the link is connected with two parents and in the other with all the offspring.  The interconnectedness is vague as with the species, but strongest by the obligation to continue the line.  
2.  Gullibility makes breeders suggestible to claims of any imaginary representation of their eternal genes in the form of whatever deity they believe to be the one rewarding them for breeding.   They need such external reinforcement to keep the rationality at bay, if it exists but is repressed.   Once they have become breeders, this is irreversible.   They are caught in the coercion for continuing the sacrifices, at least by paying, once they have succumbed to the irrationality of breeding.