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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

381. A Jerk With A Halo - 1

A Jerk With A Halo - 1

I happened to find a site with the most excellent virtual walkthroughs I have seen so far.   The first one I watched is Frida Kahlo's museum in Mexico City.

The second one is the Museo Anahuacali

Seeing these walkthroughs brought back my vivid memories from visiting both places.   Frida Kahlo is a great artist, and she had such a miserable and unhappy life.   Having been injured in an accident, she would have needed the love and care of a kind and devoted man.    Instead by marrying Diego Rivera, she got a cheating, cruel, inconsiderate jerk as a husband, who added emotional pain to her already serious physical plight and sufferings, and the emotional pain was probably her worse ordeal.

Diego Rivera was himself also a famous artist.    He was appraised and appreciated.   As an unwarranted side effect of his being famous and admired, his outrageous treatment of Frida Kahlo was never hold against him.    Rivera is one more example of a jerk with a halo.   

In my opinion, people should be judged predominantly by how much pain they cause to others, and nothing should be accepted as an excuse or a compensation.   It cannot be justified to allow to anybody the leeway to buy for himself by any accomplishment whatsoever the right to mistreat and hurt others.  

Like already made clear by Epicurus (entry 131), neither to harm nor to be harmed is a vital principle of life.  

But unfortunately, this is not reality.   People, especially men, are judged by their accomplishments, no matter if they are successful as artists, musicians, actors, politicians, capitalists, scientists or celebrities in other areas.    The more they are accepted as accomplished, the more they get away with cruelty, brutality, abuse without being held responsible, rejected or loathed for their inappropriate and repugnant behavior.     
They are experienced as wearing halos, while they should have big signs on them saying:  'Beware, Jerk!'

Diego Rivera was jerk, who did not deserve a woman like Frida Kahlo.