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Sunday, August 8, 2010

41. Wow - a Discovery

Wow - a Discovery

So far in this blog, I avoided to blur out:   We childfree, leftist atheists are much more intelligent than others and I am proudly one of them.   I did not want to appear haughty and arrogant.

Today I made a discovery.   I came across the Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis in

I have been writing about rationality, but I can replace this easily with the general intelligence as defined by Kanazawa and Savage.   As far as I have linked rationality with evolution as an explanation of being childfree, an atheist and egalitarian, I can see my admittedly more diffuse ideas as being consistent with the Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis, and I do appreciate this mental backup.  
While I had just looked at rationality/intelligence as having somehow evolved in humans ahead of the instincts, this hypothesis now explains, why this has happened, and it makes a lot of sense.    

There is only one point, where I dare to differ from Kanazawa and Savage:   They do not doubt that everybody is ultimately determined to serve the purpose of the survival of the species, and that intelligent people only have less children as a result of this being the best strategy.   

I still uphold my view, that the relative increase of rationality/intelligence compared with instinctive adaptations to the prehistoric environment has reached its breaking-point, where some people are childfree for having evolved beyond the innate command to make their genes survive.   Therefore I suspect, that the human species has evolved so far, that the kind of intelligence/rationality, that allows to override breeding, will either not evolve much further, or the human species will get extinct.