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Saturday, August 28, 2010

61. Male Disrespect

Male Disrespect

I have profiles on many dating sites, and in my text I am very explicit about what I am looking for.    In spite of this, nearly all men, who contact me, are absolutely incompatible, and they could know it, if they just would read my text and take it for serious.   
I am sick and tired of hopefully opening messages on dating sites, just to discover, that the guy was not even worth the time to read his profile.    

There is something wrong with them.    They are either too stupid to take a woman for serious and to respect, what she explicitly wishes.   Or they have the delusion to be god's gift to any woman, just because they are male.   
I suspect also, that there is so much wrong in their brain, that they cannot even comprehend, that there is something wrong with their attitude to women.  

If a christian mailorders a religious book from an internet book store, and they would send him Dawkin's God's Delusion instead, I am sure he would protest vehemently.   But the same christian does not hesitate to contact me, even though I as an atheist am explicitly looking for an atheist to share my life with based on mental common ground.   
A breeder would most probably not go and visit a group of childfree people but might rather participate in anti-abortion activities.    But breeders do not hesitate to contact me, a woman, who explicitly is looking for a childfree man.   

They carefully choose, what they want to occupy their mind and their time with.   In their choice of a woman, they are much more haphazard.    A woman seems not even to be somebody for their mind and brain at all.  

I cannot decide, if it is more preposterous or more outrageous, how these men mentally degrade a woman to a haphazard body, whose personality and consequently her own wishes are of so little importance, that it makes no difference to them, that the woman is the contrary of what they value for themselves.