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Monday, May 30, 2011

321. The Backlash to Promiscuity

The Backlash to Promiscuity
This continues entry 320.

From the 1960s onwards, two technological and scientific developments drastically changed the everyday life of people.
  1. The invention of the birth control pill as an easy and highly reliable method has overriden the effects of the concealed ovulation (more in entry 319) as the mechanism ascertaining the survival of the species by enough unwanted breeding.
  2. The development of cheap methods for natural looking representations of reality by color TV, videos, movies and cheap color print media enabled technically the subsequent oversexation and desensitization to nakedness, pornography and the habituation to and acceptation of promiscuity as normal, that was finally aggravated by the Internet. 
    Before novels became affordable to the general population, men had their affliction but where restricted mainly to their imagination, while they were not in a relationship.   Then dirty novels added to this but there was still the limitation to imagination.  
    Only the realistic quality of still and even more of moving pictures has the same strong effect on the animal brain, that has evolved as responsiveness to real visual stimuli during a time, when there were no pictures.   The afflicted men's brain cannot distinguish between seeing a real woman's naked body and a picture or movie of it.   His cognition can, but when the instincts are stronger, that does not help him to resist the effect.

This has lead to a polarization of society and the beginning of two disparate developments for people with high and with low AQs (Animality Quotient - more in entries 316 and 317).
  1. The evolution of the human cognition has reached a point, where decent intelligent low AQ people are less and less inclined and motivated to breed.   Many decent, highly evolved and educated people became happy childfree couples, since remaining childfree had become possible for the first time in history.    Men with a low AQ are not very much at risk to be seriously damaged and desensitized by the oversexation of everyday life.  Their predominant need is to share their life with a companion.   They are able to preserve their decency and continue to perceive a woman as a person with a brain.   
  2. But for those with a relatively high AQ the oversexation of everyday life has started a full backlash in mainstream society towards promiscuity, that is still continuing. 

    • Men have become desensitized to the detrimental consequences of the oversexation of society, pornography and naked pictures selling stuff to susceptible fools as a normal part of everyday life.   The higher a man's AQ, the more he is overwhelmed and made mentally dysfunctional by this ubiquitous effect upon his perception.
      Before the backlash, boys in an intact home grew up with the role model of decent parents in a monogamous relationship, and the boy was mentally and emotionally prepared to become a monogamous partner, until and unless unfortunate influences destroyed this promiscuity inhibition.    Now the flooding with oversexation already at prepuberty age makes boys believe promiscuous behavior to be normal and morally correct, before they are even old enough to fall in love and experience the joy of monogamous bonding.  
      This unfortunate situation is enhanced by the communication of the web, where even the worst men can find like minded others for the reinforcement of their attitude of using women as commodities for their instincts being acceptable behavior.  
    • Foolish women have also been brainwashed and desensitized.   They cover themselves less and less, until their normal and everyday way of dressing has become dangerously provocative.   They do this to compete with the pictures flooding the men's perception.    Just as high AQ men's animal reactions cannot distinguish between real bodies and pictures, high AQ women cannot distinguish between competing with other women or with pictures for the genes of the alpha males.   

Consequently society is heading back to the situation of scenario 1 in entry 320, where men are permanently triggered by visual stimulation into outbreaks of their affliction, their reason blurred by their instincts.  
Before the backlash, men had been compelled to monogamy by the obligation to provide for their progeny and by the limited availability of promiscuous women.    
Since the start of the backlash, all this has changed.   Men are returning to their previous state of oblivion of the possibility, that a woman can be an equal partner for intellectual communication.   They are deprived of the chance to ever experience this.   Having their instincts triggered all the time, they are unable to even notice and appreciate women for anything but their bodies.   In spite of the evolution of the brain, men's affliction prevails with unaltered force.   

Those men, who are the slaves of their instincts in an oversexed world, usually do not plan to procreate, when they are overwhelmed by their instinct to succumb to their promiscuity.   But the provocative brainwashed women with the highest AQ, who are triggering the men's instincts are those, who do this because they are driven to breed.    
As a result, the high AQ people, whose instinctivity is stronger then their cognition, continue breeding and thus the natural selection will favor the high AQ.  A change of the gene pool can be expected as a long term effect of the backlash.  The low AQ people reduce or stop breeding.  

This process of polarization can take two directions in the future:
  • If further evolution of the cognition augments the low AQ and thus childfree proportion of the population, homo sapiens will get extinct.
  • If the backlash continues and the breeding is done mainly by the high AQ segment of the population, society will end up like the cave people in scenario 1, fully driven by their uninhibited exposure and triggering of instinct, promiscuously breeding.