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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

313. Nudists: Fools, Naive or Conscious Animals?

Nudists:  Fools, Naive or Conscious Animals?

I just ended the contact with someone, because he admitted to be a nudist.   I consider nakedness as part of the exclusivity of the intimacy of a couple.   If a man would expose himself in public or if he would frequent places, where women are exposing themselves, this is a form of cheating.  

As I have already written about in several previous postings (232, 236, 238 and 240 -Chemistry and Subconscious Instinctive Communication), the animal instincts in the subconscious mind of people are triggered by visual and olfactory stimuli.   Those instincts are not leading to the choice of an intellectually and emotionally compatible partner for the happiness of a couple, but to the choice of the best body for having healthy offsprings.   When those instincts are triggered, especially when men are in need to restore their sexual homeostasis, their reasoning capacity is blurred, and they make foolish choices, that allow the survival of their genes for the price of individual unhappiness. 

Therefore, wise people cover their bodies, as long as they attempt to find a mindmate for long term happiness in commitment, and avoid the triggering of instincts, until they are rationally sure to have found someone compatible. 

Nudists do the contrary.   The expose themselves, automatically sending triggering signals into everybody's subconscious, and they are also receiving the triggering signals, as soon as they look at another naked body.    These are the biological facts.  

Nudists claim, that they are not affected by any visual triggers.    They may be naive and believe it, they may subconsciously or even consciously want the triggers, they may have successfully desensitized themselves from consciously displaying their subconscious reactions.    But they are all in denial of the true but subtle power of their instincts.   

The web is full of texts perpetuating the denial, but I found one text admitting the reality:

Nudists justify being naked as being natural.   But there is so much behavior, that can be called natural, and nobody would justify it.  
In some societies, cannibalism triggered by the outgroup instinct has been natural, and in times of scarce food, it may have been the natural way for a group to survive.     
It is natural to eat and store body fat for the next winter of starvation, but it is not justified in the circumstances of modern society.  
And nudity cannot be justified as beneficial for those people, who want to be guided by reason in their choice of a mate, and not by instincts.