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Thursday, January 5, 2012

474. Intuition And Logic

474.   Intuition And Logic

People usually contrast gut feelings or intuition as something very distinct from conscious logical reasoning.   This never really convinced me.   
Instead it seemed more plausible to me, that conscious and subconscious cognition were both using logic, but applying it to different informations as premises.   Conscious thinking seems limited, because it is restricted by what information is available to the consciousness.  The subconscious reasoning probably uses more information, even though it is not the consciously available.   
The quality of both, conscious reasoning and what appears to be intuition, depend equally upon the general ability to use logic.  Cognitive dissonance can be experienced as an intuitive feeling, even though the person does not consciously understand the reasons.   

There is some interesting scientific research: 
People Don't Just Think With Their Guts: Logic Plays a Role, Too

"For decades, science has suggested that when people make decisions, they tend to ignore logic and go with the gut. But Wim De Neys, a psychological scientist at the University of Toulouse in France, has a new suggestion: Maybe thinking about logic is also intuitive."

"De Neys thinks this sense, that something isn't quite right with the decision you're making, comes from an intuitive sense of logic."