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Monday, January 16, 2012

478. The Absurdity Of Spending Tax Payers' Money On Inappropriate Role Models

478.   The Absurdity Of Spending Tax Payers' Money On Inappropriate Role Models

I have been writing about how attitudes are taken for granted, which are an expression of subconscious instincts and are used to justify directly harming others.   But there are also some such attitudes, which are indirectly harmful.  

Several European countries are monarchies.  In these countries, the tax payers' money is used to finance the luxury life of a bunch of persons, but there is no rational justification to do so.   These persons are not required to work for a living, they life in castles and have servants.   
They are publicly financed parasites not based upon any individual merits.  They are already privileged before they can earn the privileges and before they can be chosen by any individual quality.   They are privileged for nothing more than having a close genetic link with persons, who already have been privileged for equally irrational reasons.  

As can be easily noticed by the publicity of the life style of these royals, they do not justify their privileges as positive role models for morally unfailing behavior.    Many of them are not only no role models for decency.  They are the very contrary, they are role models of selfishness, cruelty and harming others and for getting away with it.    They have the tax payers' money to pay for damages without taking personal responsibility.   
The harm done by an average promiscuous man, who cheats and uses women for affairs, is at least limited to his direct victims.   But someone royal, whose promiscuity is made public by the media, serves as a role model for other men.   One royal jerk can indirectly encourage many men to allow themselves to behave also as jerks.   

These royals cannot really be blamed themselves for accepting privileges, which are legally bestowed upon them.    But what puzzles me is the widespread acceptance of unwarranted and unearned hereditary privileges by the citizens of countries, which call themselves democratic in spite of being monarchies.   
As absurd as it is, the kings and princes as role models encouraging men to be jerks are financed by the taxes of the women, who are the victims of the jerks.     
There is only one explanation:  The public maintenance of monarchy is an expression of a misguided hierarchy instinct.   Animals accept their rank below the alpha animals, humans accept their rank below the royals who are mistaken as qualified to be alpha humans.