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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

488. Demisexuality - Evolution - Cognitive Humanity

488.   Demisexuality - Evolution - Cognitive Humanity

According to the definition (on the demisexuality page), I am demisexual and I have always been, long before the word 'demisexual' was created.  

But I do not even really like the word demisexuality, as it sounds like a kind of deficiency and deviance.   But by its definition, it describes not a defect, but some high quality humane cognitive achievement, that is much advanced compared with the promiscuous animal copulation, that has become the social norm.  

Demisexuality is a form of an especially dignified sexuality, it is personality oriented, humane, ethical, integrated sexuality.

It certainly has not much in common with the absence of sexuality.   Therefore I consider it as a very unfortunate situation, that demisexuality is considered a variety of asexuality.   According to what I have been reading on a discussion forum, most demisexuals just like asexuals are prone to come to adopt the label as the result of experiencing themselves as deviant in a society, where the social norm demands men to be sexual predators and women to comply in acquiescence.     

I personally consider demisexuals as the vanguard of evolution. 

Biologically, humans are animals.   But there is also the cognitive humanity, which distinguishes humans from all other animals.    Animals are driven by instincts like programmed robots, only human cognition allows individuals the rational choice to use self-control to defeat instinctive urges. 

The evolution of the human species was the evolution away from the determination by instinct and towards the cognitive control by rationality.   

Promiscuous sexuality is triggered by instinctive reactions between bodies, while demisexuality is caused by cognitive evaluation of another person as a worthy and suitable partner.   

Therefore I consider demisexual persons as those, who are the most evolutionarily advanced true humans, because they have reached the farthest distance from being instinct driven animals.