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Friday, July 22, 2011

351. Brainism

351.  Brainism

On the atheist forum of a dating site, this was my reaction to some racist remarks:

"The claim and belief, that the pigmentation of the skin or other externally observable physical traits indicate a person's potential and innate talents at birth, is as irrational and absurd as believing in a deity.
True skeptics and atheists cannot believe in sorting people by whatever they define as 'race'. If someone has discarded the religion of his culture but still believes in other irrational, non-scientific claims, then I consider his atheism as only skin deep."

That made me wonder about my attitude, that problem solving and coping by rationality and consequencity are superior to coping by gullibly believing claims and that when people's gullibility is so strong, that they psychologically need their believes, this is a deficiency and impairment of their brain.    

In analogy to racism, this could be called brainism and I could be called a brainist, which takes it a step further than this definition of a brainist:  
"Someone who values the brain and its power. An individual who tries to stay mentally fit and sharp."

But there is a fundamental difference.   In accordance with their entitlement and grandiosity delusion, racists have succeeded in usurping power, enslaving, exploiting and eliminated those, who are allegedly inferior according to their racist believes.   While narcissists are individuals interacting with other individuals, racists are like group-narcissists.  

Brainists are in a very different situation.  They are themselves the repressed minority, whose rights are restricted by the gullible with the deficient brains ruling mainstream society and enforce social norms, pressure for conformity and even laws.   

A brainist has the same role as the victim of the narcissist, who as much as she scorns, ridicules and loathes the dominator, is still under his power.  The narcissist's delusion causes him to feel superior to his victim, the victim feels superior to the narcissist, because of his delusion.    

The gullible majority has the need for believes, they feel superior and justified in their mission to dominate the non-believers.  Unfortunately they often have the power to force their belief upon the non-believers.   The brainists consider their own rationality as superior.     
An example:  In Germany, there is a law to protect the religious specialness of the sunday.   Shops are not allowed to open on sundays.    As a brainist, I consider it an outrage, that the gullible have a right to enforce their irrationality upon everybody.   If the sundays are special to them, nobody forces them to go shopping.   But it should be the rational shopkeeper's right, when to do business and the rational customer's choice, when to go shopping.  

I admit to feel some condescension to those gullible people, who cannot live without their believes, and I consider it as preposterous and as an outrage, that they have so much power to enforce irrationality on the unafflicted.  But in contrast to racism, this does not justify doing any harm to them.   They are people with special needs, they should only be stopped from interfering with the rights of the rationals, but they have the right to be allowed to have their needed believes, where it does not do harm to others.