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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

355. The Mind Messenger - Pooling Premises Mediation

The Mind Messenger - Pooling Premises Mediation

I am convinced, that when two partners in a relationship are mature, rational and sane and when they share
  • the same relationship paradigm
  • the same basic values and attitudes
  • all information about the needs and feelings of the other
then it is possible to solve conflicts rationally by using logic upon the above information as premises.  

Solving a conflict is a two step process.   
  • Step 1 is information collecting and pooling, until both share the same premises and both agree that no significant information is omitted.  
  • Step 2 is using logic until either agreeing on a fair compromise or ending the relationship by consent as the result of incompatibility.
If by these two steps the conflict cannot be solved, then at least one of them either have some interfering personal psychological troubles or does not value the relationship enough to continue.   

The most common cause of a conflict is lacking information and the use different insufficient premises leads to conflicting conclusions.    Only someone aware of lacking information can ask and acquire it.    But if at leat one is using wrong information or is oblivious of lacking important information, then the conflict can become an impasse.     
This is often the consequence of the choice of a partner by physical infatuation in ignorance of compatibility or incompatibility.   
Reasons for using wrong or lacking information as insufficient premises of can for example be
  • jumping to conclusions
  • misunderstanding
  • misinterpretations
  • projecting
  • previous experiences
  • lack of introspection
  • prejudice
  • denial
  • emotional reactions to the conflict

In the situation of such an impasse, people usually either fight over the same issues again and again, break up without being able to solve the problem or go to couple's counselling, which is aiming at far more drastic changes than filling the deficit of shared information.    

Help for only the first step of conflict solving does not exist.   This help could be called 'pooling premises mediation' and the mediator could be called a mind messenger.   I have experienced myself, how it is to talk to a wall, and in this situation I had wished I had a mind messenger to help me send the bouncing information to the other side of the wall.   

It is probable best to have one such mind messenger for each of the partners A and B.  That makes is easier to transfer the information unaltered.   Keeping two conflicting versions apart and remain impartial is difficult.   
The role of partner A's mind messenger is to decry all information from A, that needs to be added to the shared premises pool.
  • General information like A's relationship paradigm, values, needs 
  • A's unfulfilled needs and wishes 
  • A's feedback, experience, perception, introspection, emotions in reaction to B's behavior
  • A's rational evaluation of B's behavior 
  • All other information, which A considers important to be known by B. 
The mind messenger checks carefully to have understood the information correctly, before he then explains it to B.  He also checks carefully, if B has really understood everything.    It has to be very clear for B, that the mind messenger reports impartial information about A, without any own opinion or attempt to influence B.   The information has to be accepted by B as valid to be integrated into the premises pool.       

A mind messenger to help pooling premises does not need as much qualifications as a counsellor.  His job is to impartially collect and correctly transfer information and nothing else.  Any person, who is able to listen and understand, think logically and explain in patience, can fulfill this role.    

If this form of mediation does not lead to an agreed upon premises pool, which is good enough for the second step of agreeing how to solve the conflict, then it is time for either counselling or for ending the relationship.   
In addidtion to rationality and maturity, the only requirements from both partners are motivation, cooperation, compliance with the procedure and recognition of the underlying principle of the premises pool.