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Thursday, October 14, 2010

103. German History and the Particles Identity

German History and the Particles Identity

I grew up in Germany not too long after the end of WW2.  The fact, that most of the German population of the generation of all adults around me had at least agreed, if not participated in a political system committing atrocities, was far beyond my comprehension.  

It took me decades, until I finally can see an explanation.  
I perceive civilization as the attempt to balance the instinctive urges for the survival of the species with the wish for individual wellbeing as the result of the evolution of intelligence, rationality and deeper emotionality.   Therefore in civilized societies, hierarchies are formed by those, whose fitness is not only physical, but also intellectual or even predominantly intellectual.    Those, who would have been the Alpha-males in a savanna tribe, are not capable to be equally successful in a complex society.   

But the balance is fragile, as can be seen in this worst case scenario.  If a non-sportive leptosome intellectual and a sportive stupid brute would survive a shipwreckage and meet on an deserted island, the stupid brute is capable to kill the other to obtain any scarce resources or even eat his body, and he has no way to defend himself.   The brute takes, what he wants, before the intelligent has a chance to use his brain for more sophisticated methods of survival.   
Whenever the stupid brutes have a short term advantage, they can overrun the long term advantage of intelligence.    The day has only so many hours, and it takes a long time to become a learned specialist in any subject, just as it takes a long time of training to become physically fitter and stronger than others.   Therefore unfortunately, the intellectuals, even when they would feel inclined to, just cannot become strong enough to defend their brain power physically against the stupid brutes.  

It does not really matter, how one would define the intellectual elite of any country, nor if by such a definition they are 10% or 30% of the population.   They are always the minority.   They are always at risk to be overrun.   
But I dare to even assume, that hypoanimalistic individuals contribute more to this elite, while the less educated masses mostly consist of breeding particles.  

When two things happen, a catastrophe becomes probable:  The breeding particles gain enough power and control over a society, and they share the delusion, that they are entitled to live according to all their instincts as this being morally acceptable behavior.  

I am not enough instructed in history to know, how the particles gained the power over the intelligent elite in Germany leading to Hitler being elected in 1933.   But I can clearly see, that the Nazi ideology represents every strong instinct of the savanna principle as morally not only good but as the obligation of every citizen.    As soon as the gullible breeding particles were given the delusion of being a large pleistocene tribe, called Arians, they were released of all constraints to enact the procreation instinct, the ingroup-outgroup instinct and the hierarchy instinct.
Women were reduced to be wombs, raising children was officially their purpose in life, and men's dominance over them was not disputed.  
All non-arians were the outgroup, as much inside the country as outside.   War was initiated to gain resources, for the explicit purpose to gain country to expand and to find a home for all the progeny, that those wombs were supposed to produce.    Non-arians were killed or first temporarily used as slaves.   Enforced labor is not legally considered slavery, but it was nothing better.   
New hierarchies were formed, but by the criterion of the dominance of the physically fittest.  In a speech in 1935, Hitler wanted the German youth be "Flink wie Windhunde, zäh wie Leder und hart wie Kruppstahl".    This means:  Fast as greyhounds, tough as leather, hard as steel.   Those qualities were helpful for someone to become a leader of a pleistocene tribe, as they were vital for the survival in the savanna.  
Intelligence and rationality were not valued.   The core of the intellectual elite of Germany was destroyed, just because some of their ancestors happened to have come from Palestine 2000 years ago instead of being barbarians sitting at the Rhein river and throwing the bones over their shoulder after eating.
In every hierarchy, there are always those, who are not content, because they are at the bottom.   Now, in this new hierarchy, they had nothing to achieve, no own qualities or efforts to invest, just by identifying themselves with being arians, they had got the underdogs to look down upon.   Their former intellectual superiors had become their underdogs, either by being enslaved or otherwise deprived of all status and influence, driven out of the country or even killed. 
The true intellectual elite of Germany was destroyed and replaced by an caste of power, who had enough intelligence to rule over the less intelligent, but whose intelligence was only a tools serving their even stronger instinctivity.   Being controlled of the delusion of the superiority of the Arian tribe themselves, they used their tool of intelligence to spread the delusion.   The gullible masses were more than ready to shake off the restraints of civilization.  

This is another example of how even highly capable brains can still be overridden by the forces of instinct an delusion.   There is not much difference, if someone has the brain to learn Latin, Greek and Hebrew and still believes in god and witchcraft and therefore burns people alive as part of the inquisition, or if someone has a brain to study law or medicine and then has the delusion of being a member of an arian tribe justifying the destruction of colleagues just because they are not members of his tribe.