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Saturday, October 2, 2010

91. French and English Profiles

French and English Profiles

There is a dating site, that bases matching on some elaborate tests and allows to see the results on the profile.   One item in the test result is the attitude towards fidelity.   Since this is of paramount importance, I always look at it in every profile.  
This dating site has two interfaces, one in French for France and one in English for the UK.   But everything else seems identical.    I made a search on both interfaces, in my age group, for an atheist without children and with a university education.    In both sides, the result were several hundred profiles.   

But then it got interesting.   I did not bother to count, but the difference was really remarkable.   Of the English profile, around half showed complete fidelity in the test, but only about one in ten profiles had any text.    Of the French profiles, about one in ten indicated full fidelity, but about 9 out of 10 had some text, some of considerable length. 

So the French appear to be verbose cheaters, while the English appear taciturnly faithful.   There can of course be many reasons for this difference, even the translation of the test causing the difference.  

But still, explaining everything in life with hard-wired brains is certainly a simplification, that can be misleading.