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Sunday, February 6, 2011

237. The Spiral of Desensitization and Oversexation

237. The Spiral of Desensitization and Oversexation

When a man and a woman work at adjacent desks in an office, desensitization and denial protect their peaceful working together by keeping them from any disruptive effects of perceiving low level chemistry checking.  
But when each of them meets similar people at a party, where singles are intending to find a mate and where they want to feel chemistry, the desensitization has the effect of a hindrance.   They are in a multitude of people, with some them the result of the checking of their instincts is more reciprocal attraction, with others there is less.   But all the low level effects below their personal thresholds are filtered by the desensitization. 
Therefore they attempt to magnify the emitted signals, women by more and more salacious,  provocative and tight garments, men by muscles, tattoos and the display of status symbols and financial power.   The role models come from tv commercials, where from the beginning of tv and then of the web onwards, together with pornography, the fake were competing with real women for the influence on the men's instincts.    The competition was for the men's money either to be spent on the product or on the real women. 
Today's young women look more dressed like prostitutes than prostitutes in 50 year old Hollywood movies.   

As a result of radiating stronger chemistry signals, the threshold of reaching consciousness for chemistry in those situations, where it disturbs, was also reached faster.   As a consequence, the process of desensitization to more drastic levels continued too. 
After the initial socially necessary desensitization of the social and the personal space, the next step was the extension of the desensitization also to the intimate space including nudity, touch and promiscuity. 
It was a slow process, that I have seen develop over the years.   Desensitization caused women to dress more salacious, which in turn caused more desensitization.    There is nothing to logically stop this process, but how worse can it get?   Will at some time in the future people run around naked anywhere in public, whenever it is warm enough?   Will all the places, where females' intimate space used to have been protected against the intrusion of male strangers, disappear?  
When I was young, sports education at school was separated for girls and boys, youth hostels had separate dormitories.   By now, sport at schools is mixed, many hostels only have mixed dormitories.   Public saunas are already mostly mixed.   What comes next?   Will there only be mixed public toilets, mixed changing rooms and mixed showers in public swimming pools in the future?  Or will this lead to the abolition of changing rooms at all, as everybody is supposed to feel ok with being naked in public?  
Women have already no choice to be treated and nursed by women, but what comes next, will women be put together with men in the same room without their consent in hospitals and nursing homes? 
Where will this process end?  How can the more and more desensitized powerful be stopped from forcing more and more drastic violations of the privacy and intimate space upon those people, who are still sensitive????