I am a woman born 1949 and my quest is to find a mindmate
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in a relationship based upon the
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bonded by intrinsic commitment
as each other's safe haven and secure basis.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

139. A Jerk is Spitting With Rage

A Jerk is Spitting With Rage

So far I have got some positive feedback from people, who find this blog impressive and interesting.  

The following is a comment to entry 138, which was about men, who use a partner as a scapegoat for their displaced aggression and rage.    That was obviously so much a mirror to this commentator, that it has pushed his button to out himself as a case of evidence.   Thanks to him for backing up my point.          

This feedback is so far the best compliment for my writing.   His wrath shows me, that I am describing jerks and emotional morons so well, that they recognize themselves immediately.  

This comment is hilarious.   Enjoy the laughter.   

dear what's your name?

what makes you think that after you go on and on and on about what jerks men are... how every aspect of a man repulses you, how there are 5 kinds of jerks with 4 subtypes of problems each? what makes you think you shall ever find a man who possesses the kind of capacity and self esteem you seem to call for in your online blog advertisement thingie here to get your dream mate?

And when it comes to taking out a person's shortcomings on their mindmate, what makes you think you are any less likely to do that than all the men you seem to blame for STRAPPING your energy as a woman. Could it be that like in the quote you lack such interpersonal skills that you are incapable of having a social life AND a professional or personal life within the norms of human behavior without continually henpecking a man to death?

Or do you suppose that you will only find men who would allow you to beat them up psychologically before they ever arrive at your front door. And if any man should decide to give you a whirl, could you suspend all judgement and live in the moment, forgiving and forgetting minor indiscretion as mature adults do, or should you or would you be forever picking his eyes out, measuring him against your ideal concept of what your dear Philemon should be?

these are important questions you should ask. they may determine whether you ever find your mind mate or get a former one back if you indeed have any former boyfriends. i seriously doubt it. you sound possibly like a 61 year old virgin with no imagination for an enjoyable sex life, social life nor anything but simply sitting in front of your computer writing rules for fools to live in your world by. could this be the case?

i do not pity you but wonder if you yourself have the capacity to live a happy life even if Philemon should arrive from half way round the world committed to stay with you for a lifetime. Or if he should walk through your door from down the street. Either way you will have to show maturity and self control yourself and with a sense of humor strive to get along with your mind mate and i hate to suggest this to such an opinionated woman, you may actually have to make concessions yourself!

I know that it is not very kind to make fun of a pathetic creature like this commentator.  I should pity him for being such a moron.  Further comments from him will be deleted unpublished.