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Saturday, November 20, 2010

156. Difference Between a Jerk and an Emotional Moron

Difference Between a Jerk and an Emotional Moron

A jerk has no conscience, he is not bothered, what he does to others.   He is selfish and feels entitled to get, what he wants.   He hurts others without hesitation, when it serves his selfish goals.   The jerk knows, what others consider as morally right or wrong, but he is not bothered to judge and control himself accordingly.  

Emotional moronity is the contrary or complete absence of emotional intelligence.   An emotional moron could have a conscience, if he could comprehend, that what he does is wrong.   He can see, that a cut in the finger hurts and he can even have empathy for such visible pain.   But he is unable to understand any morals or abstract ethical concepts of any kind.  He can do outrageous things to others and feel sincerely innocent. 
Moral obligations of any kind are beyond his comprehension.    Abstract and complex feelings like dignity or breach of trust and such are incomprehensible and as a consequence he does not understand people's pain, when they are the victims of his transgressions.  He does not even comprehend the meaning of what transgressions are.  When an emotional moron gets feedback to have hurt someone, he is clueless of what the other is talking about.   If he would beat up someone, he would understand, what he has done.   But if he betrays someone, he is unable to understand, that he has done anything wrong. 
The emotional moron has no comprehension, what others consider as morally right or wrong, therefore he judges and controls himself based on the error of doing, what is right.    He wants to be a good person, but is not capable to behave accordingly. 

This is a huge difference between the reasons, why jerks and emotional morons are detrimental to others.   Unfortunately, there is no difference in the suffering of the victims.