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Friday, January 7, 2011

203. China's Social Progress

China's Social Progress

China has become the world leader in social progress.   As far as I know, so far no other country has done this:

The information, who is married, should be published in every country, not only in China.   Such a database cannot protect the wives from being cheated on by jerkish husbands with women, who are aware of the truth.   But it would at least protect all decent people against being tricked by lies into getting involved with a cheater, who pretends to be single or separated.   

Such a database would be especially useful for decent people looking on the web for a partner.  People living in the same community have some chance to know, who is married and who is not.  But in the anonymity of the web, pretending to be single is just too easy.  Such a database would allow decent people to check, if the person is really single, before ever meeting someone.   

China has a bad image in the West for things like the censoring of the Internet.    But who suffers more:
  • The Chinese woman, who can find out on the censored Internet, that the man, who wanted to lure her into bed, is married, before she falls into this fatal trap?
  • The Western woman, who has the uncensored Internet, but has no way to avoid the emotional trauma to discover that she has started to feel commitment for another woman's husband, while he just used her body?