I am a woman born 1949 and my quest is to find a mindmate
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bonded by intrinsic commitment
as each other's safe haven and secure basis.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

208. Psychological Androgynity 2

Psychological Androgynity 2

This is a continuation of entry 206, Psychological Androgynity 1. 
Some more information can be found in lecture 13 of Stephen C Stearns' course about Evolution, Ecology and Behavior

In the species homo sapiens, male breeders compete for the access to and control over the womb of female breeders, who choose the one appearing to have the healthiest genes.   Male breeders are therefore aggressive, they fight and struggle to dominate in hierarchies to become the winner in the competition to get access to the women.   Also they fight to acquire as many resources as possible.    They choose a woman by her healthy body and they buy her acquiescence by spending money on her.
Female breeders use their body to seduce the man, whose genes appear promising for healthy offspring.   They are inclined to submit to any outrage, as long as this gets them the best provisions for their progeny.   Sometimes they are even willing to share a powerful and affluent man with another woman.   

Both genders of breeders focus on investing resources into their bodies to attract a mate by physical criteria.   Men spend hours in the gym developing muscles, females spend hours in front of a mirror or in a fashion shop.    Both genders modify their bodies in the weirdest ways, from shaving off hair from faces or legs to piercings and tattoos.   

For people with psychological androgynity, for hypoanimalistic non-breeders, nothing of the above behavior is of any value, benefit or advantage, they have no urge to do it nor a need to receive it.
  • They cooperate and care for each other.
  • They feel and act as equal partners in monogamy.
  • They are emotionally and physically faithful.  
  • They respect and appreciate each other with an egalitarian basic value. 
  • They organize their life by agreements reached by constructive communication. 
  • They convince each other rationally by giving evidence.
  • They are not bothered about their bodies beyond hygiene and cleanliness.  
  • They prefer to invest their time and energy into the improvement of the mind by learning.
  • They choose each other as a mate by emotional and intellectual compatibility.